Play Room at the Thames Festival

We are Play Room -  a visual art and illustration collective composed of like-minded artists who met at London’s Camberwell College of Art

Play is something that never leaves us. As children we negotiate the world through play; our understanding of the world is developed in play. Everyone has had a childhood, whether it was a pleasant one or not. Most people long for this time again. There is a warm nostalgia that envelopes childhood. We yearn to be back there with those magical toys and cubby-houses made of old sheets. Naivety and the child-like freedom have a resonance that evokes these nostalgic feelings in the collective psyche.

It is this sense of playfulness and curiosity that unites each artist and illustrator in the Play Room collective. We are very excited to be taking part in the Thames Festival on 12 &13 September. Our stall will be located near Jubilee Gardens beside the Millennium Eye.

Play Room Exhibition at Dreamspace Gallery

The sense of playfulness and curiosity is the theme of the current exhibition showing at the Dreamspace gallery by MA Visual Art students at Camberwell College of Art. 

Coming from International backgrounds and diverse practices such as fine art, design, craft, and book arts, these artists treat materials and subject matter with their own personal visual language. This exhibition showcases collage, drawing, printmaking, painting, sculpture and book arts. An ongoing experimentation and collaboration exists between these artists, one that invites you to engage and participate.

Matthew Dale, one of the artists, explains, “The show comes at a key moment for us in the development of our practice. This show anticipates our MA showcase in July at Camberwell College of Arts.”

This colourful spectacle will be open to the public between 10th March and 24th March 2009. Admission is free, Monday to Friday, 9.00am to 5.30pm. For more information go to the Dreamspace website.

The Private View

The Private View